Product Assessment


Game Rules and settings correlate 1-to-1 with the math solutions the products in the Gaming Industry need for testing and submission to a jurisdiction followed by implementation.  An extensive Game Rule review is conducted up front for every quote.

Game Design


Depending on the size of the game and solution needed a project can call for theoretical math in a spreadsheet, a simulation, or other program to gain access to the probabilities and statistics needed to aid in the Game Design to give the Player the feel they expect.

Math Analysis


Coding and generating permutations and/or combinations for each game outcome corresponding to a credit award is how a the math solution is achieved.  The results are typically released in a PARSHEET detailing Return To Player (RTP) amongst many other statistics.

What We Have To Offer

Math Group


Mathematical Consulting has the bandwidth for larger math projects that may require more processing or more eyes on subject matter.  For the Client this provides access to a wide variety of resources and qualifications.

Typical Project


Typical Gaming Math projects include a PARSHEET and/or Simulation for a land-based slot game.  An example game might include a base game, free spins, a bonus feature with an accumulating multiplier, and a stand-alone progressive.



Random Number Generator (RNG) consultations are available to assist in determining if implementations require modification to ensure accuracy or security.  Simple things like over-instantiation can dwarf the effective period of an RNG that may be required to build entropy over time.  This is one example of misuse.



Many slot games require simulating for the math component of a game due to content that accumulates or overlaps between features or wagers.  Extensive simulations have been prepared for numerous Clients for numerous jurisdictions worldwide.

Test Lab Escort


An independent test laboratory requires that PARSHEETS be submitted for any product requiring mathematics.  GamingLabs is one example of a test lab.  Mathematical Consulting, LLC does NOT test to any regulatory standard and we are NOT a test lab.  We do however work closely with the lab when requested to in effort to escort the math through to compliance.



Mathematical Consulting provides just that - Mathematical Consulting for slot machine math, BINGO math, table game math, keno, etc.  Please email us to see if your product or company needs or could benefit from our services and products.


"Chris has done an exemplary job breaking new ground with us in the skill-based slot world.  His attention to detail and work product always meet our requests. His collaboration has been valuable and certainly added to the exciting products we are creating..."  - Mike Darley, CEO Next Gaming, LLC

Contact Information

Preparation for Request For Quotation (RFQ)

A typical project/quotation will require review of a set of game rules or constraints.  Upon submission of a product an independent set of game rules or program/simulation/analysis guidelines will be generated and sent for review prior to commencement of the analysis.

Please send the details of your game and any supporting documentation via email to in effort to begin a Quote.

Mathematical Consulting, LLC

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